The atelier has brought many materials and techniques, but also has illuminated a need, not only for children, but for human beings to communicate in a way in which rationality and imagination travel together. We believe in a multiplicity of languages that are integrated and not separated. We believe that this makes learning and understanding richer and more complete.
— Vea Vecchi

What exactly is the Studio?

Is it a place for art – where children try new materials, learn new techniques, and create drawings, paintings, and sculptures? Of course! But is this all it is? By no means. It is as multifaceted in its existence as it is in the materials it houses.

It is a place where art materials are used not just for creating, but also for exploring for their own sakes.

It transforms into a laboratory for experimentation, observation, and hypothesis, not only on the part of children, but also on the part of teachers.

It becomes a stage for dancing, singing, and speaking forth to share our knowledge.

It acts as a test kitchen for budding chefs, who might practice their trade not only on edible ingredients, but also on imaginary ones.

It is a design firm where planning, prototypes, and testing are as important as the final construction.

It is a costume department where children transform themselves and move beyond the realm of what is into the world of what may be.

These are but a few of the faces of this beautiful, collaborative place, which belongs, not just to me, but to our entire school. Please enjoy this window into the rich and wonderful work that has happened here throughout the year.

  • Katie Higgins-White

Atelierista, 2011 - present